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All Forms must be completed before child can begin session. Forms for child/caregiver classes can be completed the day of first session.


Payment is due in full prior to start of the program.

We want to make art accessible to all families, so if this is out of reach for your family, please drop me a line at


If there are fewer than five registered participants signed up for any given session, Owl Feet reserves the right to cancel a workshop or session one week prior to sessions start date. If cancelled due to lack of participation, a full refund will be issued.  


For sessions & camps: If canceled one month before the session begins, a full refund minus a $20 deposit will be mailed to you. If canceled two weeks before class begins, a 50% refund will be mailed to you. No refunds are offered if canceled the week leading up to a class.


Workshops: A refund minus 10% is mailed to you if canceled in the month leading up to class. If the cancelation happens the week of the workshop, a 50% credit to Owl Feet will be given. Unfortunately, no refunds or credit is given if caneled the day of an event.



Unfortunately, there are no make-up sessions for missed classes. However, your child may be able to attend a session on a different day if that class is not full.


Please let me  know if your child will not be attending class. If your child was supposed to arrive on the bus, and didn't, I will call the school to see if they attended that day. Letting me know in advance is very helpful.


If I miss a class for illness or personal reasons, a makeup session will be scheduled at the end of the session (this might fall under a school holiday week). If for whatever reason a makeup session can’t be added at the end of a session, a weekend class will be scheduled.


There will be no make-up session(s) for weather related cancellations. We follow the Chittenden County school cancellation policy.


Parents must notify me via phone or email if someone unauthorized will be picking up child. ID will be required upon pick-up.


If not notified, child will not be released with an unauthorized person until the parent has been reached.  


There will be a charge of $1 per minute if more than five minutes late.


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