This kit will get you started with 3 step-by-step projects using the materials included, BUT the possibilities with watercolors are endless. It also includes a 7-day art challenge and a few other project ideas. This kit could easily last your kiddo a few weeks or even months!


  • 3x jars of liquid watercolors
  • 3x pipettes
  •  1x paint brush
  • 1x bottle of glue
  • 1x bag of salt
  • 3x pieces of string
  • 1x bag of loose parts
  • 3x project cards (materials included)
  • 7-day art challenge
  • 4x pieces of watercolor paper
  • 7x pieces of sulphite paper




Liquid Watercolor Kit

  • Pick-up will be scheduled after your order is complete. Orders will be left outside of the studio with your name attached. I put together all kits at least 3 days before pick-up and wear gloves/practice hand washing all throughout the kit making process to ensure they remain as clean as possible!