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Little Tots


18 months - 3 years

9 week program | 10:00 -11:15 | $170

Monday & Friday

Little Owlets (with a caregiver) get to explore an open space while putting to work fine motor skills, social skills, and their blossoming creative abilities. Owl Feet is a safe space focused on open-ended and self-guided exploration. Parents and facilitator are there to be active observers and help the children bring their vision to fruition when needed. Little Owlets work with a variety of materials, e.g., paint, clay, beads, collage, natural materials, recycled materials, etc. There will typically be 4-5 stations set up for children to move among freely. In nicer weather, we may gather materials from the property to incorporate into creations, or even expand the stations into the lawn. Each week we gather for a hello song, and a brief description of the setup for the week. Little Owlets will leave with a number of handmade treasures.


As Parents / caregivers, you can expect to enjoy a cup of tea, meet new friends, and relish in the beauty of your child creating a mess, all while knowing you don’t have to clean it up. Aaaah, take another sip of tea and enjoy! But don’t get too carried away; you’re still responsible for looking after your child.

Kids are encouraged to get messy: I supply a smock, but bringing a change of clothes is never a bad idea!

Please, feel free to contact me if your child doesn’t fit into this age group, but you feel they would benefit; or if there is a sibling out of this age range you would like to bring. Infants are welcome to join.

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